10.06.2014 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Last days for Brazilians to submit projects to L’Oréal-UNESCO-ABC For Women in Science Award

The award aims at promoting Brazilian scientific research and to increase the number of women in science through a scholarship of U$ 140 thousand distributed among seven select projects.

The deadline for scientific project submission has been postponed to 15 June for the 9th Brazilian edition of the L´Oréal-UNESCO-ABC For Women in Science, a partnership between L’Oréal, UNESCO and Academia Brasileira de Ciência (ABC). The award aims at acknowledging and promoting the Brazilian women in Science and at guaranteeing visibility to the works of the selected researchers. It also aims at providing favourable conditions for continuity of their projects through finance support. There will be seven selected scientists that will be awarded with the equivalent amount of US$ 20 thousand for each. The submissions can be made through the ABC website at http://loreal.abc.org.br/.

For Women in Science Programme covers studies of various research lines, according to the categories Biomedical, Biological and Health Sciences; Physics; Mathematics; and Chemistry. Last year, more than 350 projects were submitted. One of them was by Dr. Raquel Giulian, researcher in Physics of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, who was one of the winners of the 2013 edition. 

“The motivation that L’Oréal has given me has been of great value to my scientific career.  It is more than a finance support. It is a moral support and a recognition of women as scientists, dedicated professional and integrated citizens of a society. This is the greatest award I have ever received. The acknowledgement of a work done with effort and difficultly has made my energies to renew. I thank L'Oréal for the unforgettable experience, and above all, for the recognition that the prize is providing me”, affirmed Dr. Giulian.

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