09.05.2014 - Natural Sciences Sector

Mangrove ecosystems for nature protection and food productivity

© Joe Bunni

Mangrove forests are relatively rare covering only 152,000 km2 worldwide in 123 tropical and sub-tropical nations and territories. Healthy mangrove forests contribute to the food security of millions of people around the world through the production of numerous fishery and forest products, and by supporting commercial coastal and offshore fisheries and providing locations for aquaculture.

The health of these forest ecosystems is a key priority of the Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme, which has undertaken several mangrove restoration projects and studies in different biosphere reserves in relation to nature protection and food productivity. The programme has been invited to present these activities at the ‘International Conference on Halophytes for Food Security in Dry Lands’, organized by the University of Qatar in Doha from 12 to 13 May 2014.

The conference will provide international experts with a forum to discuss new ideas and approaches to improving food and water security. It will also establish working groups to assist the University of Qatar and the Qatari Government in meeting these challenges over the long term.

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