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Meet the winners of Odysseus, the Pan-European Contest on Space

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Odysseus Contest winners have been announced. Entries were judged in the final round of the contest by an international panel of high-level experts on space. The first-place team in each theme category will travel to the European Astronaut Centre in Germany and to Space Expo in the Netherlands, where they will present their projects in an award ceremony to be held on 18 April 2013. The participants’ voting winner is ORION IMS team from Romania, which will be also awarded a trip to the European Astronaut Centre and to Space Expo. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all students and teachers, who encouraged and supported their participation.

The winners in each theme category are as follows:

Solar system Theme:

First Place: lLhost team from Slovakia, with the project “An Abundance Comparison and Distribution of C, S, O and noble gasses He, Ar and Ne in the Atmosphere of Jupiter”; Team Members: Marek Holienčin, Michaela Brchnelová, Valentína Čepcová, Roman Sekej - Coach: Lucia Bartozelová

Second Place: Hephaestus team from Bulgaria; Team Members: Yulia Yancheva, Pavel Popov - Coach: Eva Bojurova

Third Place: Sunspots team from Greece; Team Members: Krinio Marouda, Panagiwths Dimakis, Dionisis Christopoulos - coach: Maria Theodoropoulou

Co-evolution of life Theme:

First Place: Exoplants team from Greece, with the project “What colour would plants have on another planet?”; Team Members: Efstathios Biritis, Antigoni Georgiopoulou, Ioannis Kakalis, Eleni Chrisikopoulou, Dimitra Koufi - Coach: Ioannis Chiotelis

Second Place: ORION IMS team from Romania; Team Members: Ioana Bica, Cristian Zaharia, Matei Militaru, Stefan Gramatovici, Horia Clement - Coach: Ioana Stoica

Third Place: Levski team, from Bulgaria; Team Members: Dimitar Bratovanov, Georgi Kolev - Coach: Rositsa Konova

Spaceship - Global cooperation Theme:

First Place: Bay House Schools team from the United Kingdom with the project “INTERcore”; Team Members: Samuel Thompson, Daniel Ellis, Jack Turner, Jack Marshal, Ellen Watts - Coach: Ian Lowther

Second Place: Helio team from Romania; Team Members: Ana Georgescu, Maria Cristiana Tudor, Malin Stanescu, Ileana Rugina, Andreea-Maria Oncescu - Coach: Nuri Korganci

Third Place: Spacejump team, from Germany; Team Members: Simon Kopf, Sara Kopf - Coach: Bernd Rohwedder

Odysseus is co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, in the Space area for “Studies and events in support of European Space Policy”. Space exploration advances our knowledge, allows us to understand and protect our planet better and provides the opportunity to discover the answers to fundamental questions about the history of Earth, the origin of life, the Solar System and the Universe. In other words space exploration is pushing forward the limits of our knowledge and is engaging and inspiring the public in the “New Frontier”. The Odysseus project aims exactly at engaging and inspiring the European youth in the “New Frontier”, by implementing a pan-European Scientific Contest for young people on Space exploration themes, combining creativity, intelligence and innovation.

The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), is associated with the Open Discovery Space (ODS) project, funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT-PSP call 5, and kicked off in Athens last year, resulting of the collaboration between 51 organizations from 23 countries, with the aim to create a socially-powered, multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adaptation of eLearning Resources in Europe.

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