18.09.2013 - UNESCO Office in Ha Noi

MOET and UNESCO hold training for National Institute of Education Management



The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), UNESCO and the National Institute of Education Management (NIEM) held two training sessions in Ha Noi on 12 and 18 September for 15 trainers from NIEM and its Centre for Research and Training on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.

NIEM is responsible for the training of more than 10,000 education managers per year throughout Viet Nam. It includes senior education managers, school principals and education managers at the provincial and national levels. These trainings are part of a long-term cooperation between NIEM and UNESCO to build the capacities of the trainers from the Institute to enable them to design and deliver quality training for education managers at the national and local level.

15 trainers from NIEM strengthened their capacity and knowledge on disaster risk reduction, climate change and biodiversity conservation through their participation to two training sessions delivered by international experts Moustafa Osman and Robert Wild, as part of the MOET, UNESCO and Samsung Education for Sustainable Development Initiative in Viet Nam.

During the workshop, participants used their newly acquired knowledge to develop draft outlines of different training courses on (i) Disaster Risk Reduction and (ii) Climate Change and Biodiversity Restoration, for education managers  at the national level (policy making), provincial and district level and for school directors.

These trainings were an important step for furthering the education sector’s capacity to give Viet Nam’s future generations the knowledge and skills to tackle future challenges brought by disasters, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Le Phuoc Minh, Vice-Rector of NIEM, highlighted that the trainees will keep working together on the training courses and finalize them, through the Institute’s intranet and with the support of UNESCO. These training courses have been designed to be flexible, in order to adapted and used in different localities and for different level of education managers.  

For more information, please contact:

Vu Chien Thang, Assistant to the UNESCO Representative to Viet Nam, at vc.thang(at)unesco.org

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