16.09.2013 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Renewable Energy: Towards Raising Energy and Economic Efficiencies

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Save the date and join the first international forum on Renewable Energy REENFOR-2013. The event will take place from 22-23 October 2013 in Moscow at the initiative of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Non-Profit Partnership “Scientific-Technical Council of the Unified Energy System". On Day 1, UNESCO will in particular organize the plenary session on “Energy education and training of specialists for renewable energy sector” (PS I2).

The forum is organized by RAS Scientific Councils for Complex Energy Problems, for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), for Reliability and Security of Large Power Systems and Non-profit Partnership “Agency of scientific and business communications” (NP “ANDK”), in partnership with the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), and UNESCO institutions and centres on Sustainable Energy Development

The event will be supported by the State Duma Committee for Energy, the Ministry of the Education and Science, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, The Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East, as well as other ministries of the Russian Federation and, agencies responsible for the effective development of RES in the various economic sectors and regions, and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).

REENFOR considers the issues surrounding efficiency and practical uses of advanced renewable technologies, how to improve their output and economic performance in various climatic and socio-economic conditions and to analyze the best practices in the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the Russian Federation.

REENFOR is expecting the involvement of representatives from leading international organizations, research centers and foreign companies active in the field of renewable energy. REENFOR aims to establish closer scientific, technical and business cooperation amongst parties interested in participating in the development of RES in the Russian Federation. It also aims to discuss their potential participation in creating a prototype model for renewable energy installations within the country. 

The forum will consist of plenary sessions, panel discussions and presentations by companies and regional representatives on the issues of development and practical uses of available conversion technologies, such as: solar, wind, biomass, hydrokinetic, geothermal, natural and low-grade waste heat pumps.

Russian technology platforms will conduct research, organizational activities and discussions at the forum, centered on strategic research and development programmes in the field of RES. Platforms showcasing at REENFOR are the “Prospective Technologies of Renewable Energy Sources” platform, the “Small-scale Distributed Power” platform, the “Bioenergy” platform and the “Environmentally Friendly, High Efficiency Thermal Power” platform.

Additional information about participation is available at: www.reenfor.org

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