12.04.2017 - Natural Sciences Sector

Tribute to Prof. Dr. Samir Ibrahim Ghabbour

Prof. Dr. Samir Ibrahim Ghabbour. © UNESCO/P.Dogse

The UNESCO MAB Secretariat is saddened by the news that Prof. Dr. Samir Ibrahim Ghabbour passed away on 4 April 2017, Cairo, Egypt.

A stern advocate of the ideals of UNESCO and its Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme, Prof. Ghabbour spared no efforts during his long and illustrious career at the Cairo University, and as visiting Professor at numerous universities internationally, to inform and educate generations of young students and researchers around world about ecology, environment and natural heritage conservation issues.

With unparalleled knowledge, wisdom, international outreach and never ending enthusiasm, curiosity, energy and friendship, Prof. Ghabbour made invaluable contributions to the UNESCO MAB Programme. As the Chairman of the Egyptian MAB National Committee, his legacy is for ever enshrined in the MAB Programme through his large number of MAB publications and contributions to the ArabMAB Network and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, as well as to key MAB and biosphere reserve developments, such as the Seville Strategy and the Statutory Framework, the Madrid Action Plan, and the MAB Strategy and Lima Action Plan (2015-2025).

Prof. Ghabbour will be sorely missed by the UNESCO MAB Secretariat, and our condolences goes to his family and friends.

Han Qunli
Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme

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