04.03.2013 - Natural Sciences Sector

Two days conference on " The water we drink"

The water we drink. Quality and quantity, monitoring and control

What's behind the water we drink? The water we drink is all the same? Water is essential for human life that has never had access to a similar amount of water quality before.
Friday, the 8th of March, local experts on water will give answers to these questions, also illustrating the scientific and technical bases of their work.
In this occasion UN WWAP will present the water monitoring project “Water for all, all for water”, launched with the local partners POST (Perugia Officina per la Scienza e la Tecnologia), Umbra Acque and Cridea to raise the awareness of young people and educators concerning water quality issues and related impacts on our lives.
On the 11th, a scientific conference is organized and each institution involved will give a brief presentation. WWAP will present "Water assessment, a global view".

Click here to download the programme.

The events have been organized by Municipality of Perugia, Italy, in the framework of Agenda 21.

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