African Network of Earth Science Institutions (ANESI)

Call for applications for mobility grants

Under the sponsorship of The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), UNESCO Nairobi is calling for applications for Mobility Grants, in the framework of the African Network of Earth Science Institutions (ANESI), in the following categories:

  1. Mobility of students (PhD and Master): English, French
  2. Mobility of researchers and lecturers: English, French
  3. Mobility specific to women Geoscientists (students, researchers and lecturers): English, French
  4. Partnership with industry (joint research projects and training courses): English, French

Deadline for application 01 December 2017

Mapping of current training and research Earth science institutions in Africa

ANESI works towards increasing the impact of Earth Sciences on the sustainable development of Africa through:

  1. Promotion of excellence in earth science education and research;
  2. Promotion of earth system science education;
  3. Promotion of active collaboration in training, research and capacity building among African Earth Science institutions;
  4. Promotion and facilitation of exchanges with Earth Science institutions from outside Africa;
  5. Maintenance of a database of African earth science experts;
  6. Promotion on gender equality access to earth science education;
  7. Improvement of involvement of African earth scientists in international research projects, and particularly, the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP);
  8. Improvement of connections between universities/research institutions and industry;
  9. Mobilisation of resources through international cooperation to develop networks of analytical facilities in the region;

These objectives will be achieved through various generic activities such as:

  • Staff exchange,
  • International student teaching and research exchange,
  • Promotion of research,
  • Information dissemination,
  • Support for publication,
  • Support for training,
  • Outreach activities as appropriate

ANESI also supports sub-networks of experts working on:

  • Geo-information in Africa,
  • Reducing mining hazards
  • The 4th edition of geological map of Africa

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