African Network of Earth Science Institutions

  • Mapping of current training and research Earth science institutions in Africa

ANESI works towards increasing the impact of Earth Sciences on the sustainable development of Africa through:

  1. Promotion of excellence in earth science education and research;
  2. Promotion of earth system science education;
  3. Promotion of active collaboration in training, research and capacity building among African Earth Science institutions;
  4. Promotion and facilitation of exchanges with Earth Science institutions from outside Africa;
  5. Maintenance of a database of African earth science experts;
  6. Promotion on gender equality access to earth science education;
  7. Improvement of involvement of African earth scientists in international research projects, and particularly, the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP);
  8. Improvement of connections between universities/research institutions and industry;
  9. Mobilisation of resources through international cooperation to develop networks of analytical facilities in the region;

These objectives will be achieved through various generic activities such as:

  • Staff exchange,
  • International student teaching and research exchange,
  • Promotion of research,
  • Information dissemination,
  • Support for publication,
  • Support for training,
  • Outreach activities as appropriate

ANESI also supports sub-networks of experts working on:

  • Geo-information in Africa,
  • Reducing mining hazards
  • The 4th edition of geological map of Africa

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