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Rokua Geopark is situated in Northern Finland, about 200 km south of the Arctic Circle between the cities of Oulu and Kajaani. From abroad Rokua is easiest to reach by flying to Oulu airport from the airports of Helsinki or Riga and continuing by car or train to the area.

Conservation, Education & Tourism

Rokua’s special arctic character, long winter and Finnish traditions make it interesting for diverse visitors to experience. During the winter months, in the middle of a snowy landscape and frozen lakes, one can get a touch of a way of life and scenery of the ice age. The characteristic features of the area are the landforms shaped by the Ice Age 12 to 10 thousand years ago: glacial ridges, pine and lichen-clad heaths, kettle holes and small ponds filled with crystal clear water.

The Geopark consists of the River Oulujoki Valley, Rokua esker and dune area and Lake Oulujärvi areas. The areas are linked by the Rokua esker field and its geosites, which were formed on top of ancient bedrock in the withdrawal phase of the last Ice Age (Weichsel). The Rokua esker field, which originated from the Muhos clay and sandstone Formation, runs across the area from the River Oulujoki valley to Rokua esker and dune area, through Lake Oulujärvi to Manamansalo. In addition to the geology, the areas are also connected by the prehistory of the people who followed the withdrawal of the ice sheet and sea.  

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