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Located in Liguria, in the northwest of Italy, Beigua Geopark includes the Beigua Regional Nature Park and a broad zone linked to the nature park, covering ten municipalities.

Conservation, Education & Tourism

The Beigua Geopark is one of the most interesting areas in Liguria and it is important for understanding the geological history of Italy, especially the evolution of the Alps and the Apennines. Highlights of the Beigua Geopark include: an extensive Alpine area with evidence of an ancient Jurassic ocean (200 to 145 million years ago), impressive geomorphological features testifying to past glaciers, and fascinating well-preserved fossils.

Besides the geological heritage, Beigua has the richest biodiversity in Liguria. The ecology of the area is strongly affected by the geological and geomorphological elements and 26 principal types of “environmental units” have been identified in the geopark. The vegetation of Beigua Geopark is unique to the area and includes about 1,130 plant species, many of which are adapted to the particular rocks. Similarly, the Beigua Geopark has a rich cultural heritage exhibited across the area and in the museums. Caves engravings and monumental complexes tell the story of the evolution of human settlement in the area. For visitors, the Beigua Geopark offers different activities and opportunities: visitor centers and information points, geological trails, thematic exhibitions, educational programs, publications and guide-books.

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