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The Geological and Mining Park of Sardinia covers one sixth of Sardinia’s total land area, extending over almost 4,000 square kilometers and eighty-one municipalities.

Conservation, Education & Tourism

The Geopark preserves a geological history dating back more than 500 million years, and shows the signs of an extraordinary variety of events that developed between Palaeozoic and Quaternary. This territory comprises sequences of sedimentary, metamorphic and magmatic rocks and an amazing variety of types of ore deposits which have been exploited over thousands of years.

The territory of the Geopark can be subdivided into eight major areas based on their mining characteristics and history. The main reference is the chronological development of mining and quarrying activities telling the story of almost 8,000 years of mining exploitation.

The Park is a vehicle for universal values and an instrument for protecting and preserving the local heritage, consisting of its geological context, technique and engineering, the industrial archaeology, the documentation of mine works and settlements, traditions, customs, knowledge and human events related to the mining activity. The park also aims at conserving and enhancing the current realities of the various territories, to promote the economic, social and cultural progress of the local communities and protect their vast heritage, for future generations.

The Global Geoparks Network is supported by UNESCO at the request of Member States

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