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The Tuscan Mining Geopark is located in the nothern of Province of Grosseto in Tuscany, central Italy. The park covers seven municipalities.

Conservation, Education & Tourism

The geological features of the Geopark have resulted from the long and complex geological evolution of southern Tuscany associated mainly with the formation of the local mountain chain (Apennine chain). The geological history of the site Colline Metallifere tells us about the formation of one of the most important mining district in Europe, exploited for copper, silver, zinc, iron and pyrite since ancient ages, and where frantic activity of man has left indelible evidence in the landscape. Mining activity mainly occurred in the medieval period and in the 19-20th century. At the end of the 20th century the last mines shut down.

Visiting the Geopark, one can experience active geological processes such as thermal springs, gas and vapour jets, and thermal pools, which in the last 200 years have been used for the production of boron and electricity. Also you can find ancient submarine landslide rocks, evidence of an ancient ocean (250 million years ago) and beautiful fossils of Cretaceous (150 million years ago).

The gateways offer various services: information about the sites, their services and their activities, museum routes, guided tours (also inside the mines), animation activities, workshops and educational activities, hosting displays and exhibitions, hosting events, sale of informative and educational material. The visitors can discover the world of mining, the geological heritage, the historical landscape, the history of mining activities and, above all, the identity of the area of the Colline Metallifere.

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