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The Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano Global Geopark is located in Hokkaido, northern Japan and displays a unique showcase of active volcanism on the Pacific Rim.

Conservation, Education & Tourism

This is a unique region which has a wealth of characteristic geological relics in a relatively compact area, from the 110,000-year-old Toya Caldera to the 20,000 to 10,000-year-old Nakajima domes and a strato-volcano Usu, as well as the recent history of eruptions. The recent eruptive stage of Usu volcano started in 1663, and repeated nine times, creating lava domes, such as “Showa-Shinzan” that was born in a wheat field during 1943-1945.

These volcanic features are the attractive sites of wide and beautiful scenery with rich natural resources. Since the aboriginal Jomon - Ainu people, basic philosophy “living together with ever-changing mother earth” has developed. There are also precious fauna and flora living in the conserved thick forest and abundant water resources. These fauna and flora have experienced and been changed by the volcanic activities in the region, and are the living proof of the evolution and vigor of nature. Hot springs, marine and farming foods also figure among the attractions.

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