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Mount Taishan World Geopark, located in the Midwest of Shandong province, stands in the east of the North China plain. Mount Taishan stands high among a group of mountains in the Shandong province, and has breath-taking scenery.

Conservation, Education & Tourism

With a cultural history spanning more than 5,000 years with numerous historic/cultural sites preserved nearby, such as Dai Temple and Azure Coulds Temple, Mount Taishan has become the epitome of Chinese history and culture for the nation, recognized as a World cultural and Natural Heritage site by UNESCO.

Mount Taishan is well known for its geoheritage sites which have always attracted attention from domestic and international geologists. The Cambrian rock record, one of the oldest in the park, provides type examples for geologists that study regional and international age correlations for the Cambrian Period (540 to 490 millions years ago).  A type section of the Cambrian geology located in Zhangxia county is fully integrated in the park, allowing visitors to walk through geologic time, the entire rock stratum revealing abundant well-exposed trilobite fossils and other ancient creatures in outstanding condition. The neotectonic movement also played an import role in the formation of Mount Taishan and gave the landscape its dramatic relief.

The Geopark is integrated with a museum where visitor can learn about these natural and cultural heritage sites, including the importance of protecting the park for estethic, natural, and scientific values.

The Global Geoparks Network is supported by UNESCO at the request of Member States

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