National Geopark Committees

A number of countries are currently establishing or have established national facilities (e.g. Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Italy) indispensable for the coordination of Geoparks at national level and the submission of candidates for the Global Geoparks Network.

The members of National Geopark Committees represent:

  • governmental bodies dealing with sustainable development, geological heritage, tourism, environmental and cultural protection;
  • GGN members;
  • national Geoparks;
  • earth scientists with an interest in geoheritage;
  • tourism and development experts.

Further involved are the National Commissions for UNESCO and, besides geological surveys, representatives of the most important governmental bodies and ministries. For example in Brazil it is the Tourism Ministry as well as the Ministry for National Integration, responsible for regional development policies, one main aim of the Geoparks idea.

The coordination work organized at national level may, for example, consist of:

  • coordinating Geopark initiatives at national level and pre-select the GGN candidates;
  • promoting the development of new Geoparks;
  • promoting new projects to raise awareness of geological heritage at national level;
  • providing information and popularizing the global and regional Networks of Geoparks through various communication tools (websites, publications, workshops, etc);
  • promoting geological heritage conservation;
  • creating new opportunities for integration between the many national activities in order to support geological heritage policy and the development of geotourism;
  • supporting the realization of actions for sustainable development. 

Regional Geopark Networks

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