Bancroft Award

Guy Narbonne receives Bancroft Award from the Royal Society of Canada.

Professor Guy Narbonne works in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queen's University (Canada) and he is Leader of the IGCP Theme "Global Change and Evolution of Life".

Guy Narbonne is a paleontologist who is internationally recognized for his research on the origin and early evolution of animals. His descriptions of the biology, life strategies, ecology, and history of the Ediacaran biota have profoundly influenced our understanding of evolution during this critical period in Earth history. 

Guy Narbonne is the recipient of the Bancroft Award for publication, instruction and research in the Earth Sciences and his contribution to the public understanding and appreciation of the subject of geology.

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For forty years, UNESCO has worked with the International Union fo Geological Sciences (IUGS) to mobilize global cooperation in the Earth sciences through the International Geoscience Programme. This Programme has provided a platform for scientists from across the world to push the frontiers of knowledge forward through concrete projects.

In the early years, the Programme enhanced scientific exchange through the correlation of geological strata and research data, focusing on basic geoscientific research and on making connections between events throughout the Earth's history. In 2011, the Programme supported work on five themes:

The Programme has always built bridges between disciplines and between scientists, including young ones, with aims of stimulating cutting-edge research and sharing scientific knowledge for the benefit of all.

UNESCO is the only United Nations organization with a mandate to support research and capacity in geology and geophysics, and the Internation Geoscience Porgramme is our flagship.


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