Arnaud Guérin

Cave, hungary.

Arnaud Guérin is at once a geologist with a DESS (master’s degree) in environment, a professional photographer, a traveller and author of many books (published by Glénat, Le Chêne, Milan, Ouest-France...), television documentaries (Arte, France2) and exhibitions (Espace des Sciences in Rennes, Montier-en-Der Festival).

He has been travelling throughout the world for almost twenty years, cameras in his backpack, observing volcanic eruptions, making documentaries and leading themed expeditions for the curious, with whom he shares his double perspective as both scientist and photographer. He is convinced that images, which produce an emotional response, provide an ideal starting point for gaining knowledge.

He likes to share his own knowledge with as many people as possible, through lectures, exhibitions, books, festivals, radio programmes and television documentaries such as the series “Volcanoes and Man”, which he presents for Arte.

You can find his work on his website:

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