International Geoscience Programme Council


The IGCP Council, supported by the Scientific Board, is responsible for evaluating project proposals according to the IGCP Guidelines, as well as for the quality assessment of projects that are in progress. The IGCP Council is composed of six members, all high-level experts. The IGCP Council consists of a Chairperson (Dr. Brigitte Vlaswinkel) and five theme group leaders (Prof. Sobhi Nasir for Earth Resources, Dr. Weijian Zhou for Global Change, Prof. Carlos Alberto Vargas J. for Geohazards, Dr. Yongje Kim for Hydrogeology et Dr. Nellia Mutemeri for Geodynamic) who are appointed to annually manage and represent the collective reviews and process of evaluating projects within their appointed thematic cluster. The Scientific Board consists of about 50-60 specialists who are charged with the technical reviews. Once a year, the IGCP Council assisted by the Scientific Board assess the progress of about half a dozen existing projects as provided in their annual reports and also critique several new project proposals for the future funding. They assemble at UNESCO Headquarters on the occasion of the IGCP Council meeting, usually held in February each year.

Council and Board members represent specific fields in the Earth sciences, and jointly reflect a worldwide geographic distribution. The IGCP Council members are appointed by mutual agreement by the Director-General of UNESCO and the President of the IUGS. The selection of the Scientific Board Members is the responsibility of the IGCP Council.

For more information about the composition of the IGCP Council, the profile of the members and the Council member application procedure: click here

IGCP Council presentations during the Open Session on 21 Feb. 2019

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