Project 637-Heritage Stones: a step towards to widen up the recognition of stones used in the building of heritage in emerging countries.

Brief outline of the project

Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR) is a scientific designation created and managed by the Heritage Stone Subcommission – HSS (IUGS/IAEG) to enhance the geological knowledge, use and conservation of natural stones of historical importance worldwide. The HERITAGE STONES RECOGNITION: A STEP FORWARD (HerSTONES) project aims the designation of more Heritage Stones, focussing on those from emerging countries, underrepresented on the current GHSR list. Stone is strictly linked to cultural heritage and the oldest civilizations (cradle of ancient culture) evolved in emerging countries from Africa, Middle East and South Asia. Moreover, Heritage Stones from emerging countries have been instrumental in their cultural evolution during the centuries. Despite UNESCO has yet recognised some Cultural Heritage Sites in emerging countries, umpteen other heritage stones need to be investigated in order to reach the designation GHSR. Lack of scientific references about their heritage stones and sites is a common issue that can be faced by the international cooperation between experienced geoscientists and young researchers. In this direction, HerSTONES project will go ahead on the recognition of Heritage Stones in a more global and young context by means of novel and effectives ways, building also capacities for the sustainable use of earth resources.

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