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Nairobi 2012-IGCP/SIDA meeting

Workshop on skills development in preparing projects applications

Nairobi, 21-22 November 2012

The involvement of Africa in the UNESCO-IUGS International Geosciences Programme (IGCP) since its launch in 1974 has remained very marginal, both in term of number of projects devoted to the continent (only 7%) and in term of number of project leaders from the continent (5%). Thanks to special funding from the Swedish International Developing Agency (SIDA), UNESCO is embarked in a more vigorous promotion this worldwide recognised programme in Africa, especially through the “Young Scientist IGCP” scheme. This workshop was part of the UNESCO effort and was aiming at developing skills of writing successful IGCP proposals, with the overall goal of increasing the number and the quality of IGCP proposals from African earth scientists during the next IGCP scientific board meetings. Earth scientists from 8 countries (Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, South Africa and Uganda) were present. The workshop was designed to be as much informal as possible and to allow intense discussion among participants.

An important lesson learnt for this workshop is the very high desire for Africans to break their isolation and move from individual and local research projects to really regional and international projects. This is the only way to be connected to the international earth sciences community and to generate research proposals with potential of attracting other colleagues and interest of research teams and laboratories abroad. In this regards, participants agreed to maintain the network create during this workshop so as to exchange information and continue to develop stand alone and merged proposals in view of submission to the IGCP funding. Meeting report



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