IGCP 700 - Carbonate Build-Ups In South East Asia

Brief outline of the project

South East Asia contains many limestone build-ups ranging from thick carbonate platforms extending across several countries to localised atolls and reefs on small submarine volcanoes and ridges. They range from Baoshan in Yunnan in the north to Indonesia and Timor Leste in the south and in age from 470-250 million years ago. These build-ups are economically important as host to important mineral and petroleum deposits, as sources of underground water, as major sources of cement, road aggregate and building stones, and as tourist attractions because of their caves and great scenic beauty.

The aim of this project is to bring together geoscientists from South East Asian countries and elsewhere to synthesise data on these build-ups, to compare their geological and fossil histories across IGCP Project Proposal From 3 national boundaries, to indicate and map areas of economic, tourist and hydrological potential in order to promote sustainable development and to answer major scientific questions on carbonate sedimentation.

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