National Committees

IGCP National Committees are non-profit organizations that represent IGCP in a particular country. The major aim of an IGCP National Committee is the organization and coordination of the IGCP-related outreach in the country and to sustain linkages of the national geological institutions and individuals with the international scientific community, and notably the IGCP. To this end, the IGCP Secretariat is in regular contact with the National Committee and invites the Committees’ Chairpersons to the IGCP Scientific Board meeting, usually held in February each year.

The Committee:

  • endorses new IGCP project proposals coming from the country’s geoscientific community before they are sent to the IGCP Secretariat;
  • proposes candidates for the IGCP Scientific Board;
  • stimulates the participation of their country’s geoscientists in new IGCP projects and enables them to share the ongoing international relevant geoscience research.

The running of the IGCP Committees is usually backed up by national funding. IGCP Committees are  established for example by and hosted at a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations such as a National Academy, University, Geological Survey, a Geological Society, a Ministry, industry and/or other professional bodies.

Contact details of the IGCP National Committees


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