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The IGCP financially supports about 30 projects per year which are assessed by a peer-review process and have a lifetime of five years. Annual funding levels range between 5,000 and 10,000 USD to be used exclusively for meetings or workshops. Additional resources are usually needed to ensure realisation of the projects’ research goals, and scientists are strongly encouraged to raise such funds.Projects must focus, inter alia, on high-quality science, be of international importance and societal relevance, show interdisciplinary cooperation, and constitute international participation, including scientists from developing countries.Project proposals may be submitted by individuals or groups to the IGCP Secretariat accompanied by a letter of endorsement (if possible) from one of the project leader’s National IGCP Committees. Project leaders are strongly advised to inform the UNESCO National Commission representatives and UNESCO Permanent Delegation of their home country.

Deadline for project proposals: 15 October 2021

The Council of the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) agreed, during the 5th Council session in March 2020, to launch new call for project proposals to promote collaborative projects under UNESCO umbrella with a special emphasis on the benefit to society, capacity-building, and the advancement and sharing of knowledge between scientists.

The call emphasizes and prioritizes proposals addressing the Vision Themes and annually defined topic of the IGCP detailed below. We also welcome proposals that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and cloud computing methodologies for application in the Geosciences.

Women, young and early career scientists from developing countries are especially encouraged to apply. Proposals will be ranked taking into account gender equality, geographic distribution of the leaders, project beneficiaries. The top multidisciplinary project will receive a Council Award and special funding.

Successful projects will be sponsored for up to five years jointly by UNESCO, the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), the Jeju Province Development Corporation (JPDC) of the Republic of Korea and the UNESCO National Commission for the People’s Republic of China.

IGCP 2020 Vision:

  • Efficient, safe and sustainable and renewable natural resources exploration and extraction,
  • Better understand and predict and climate change and geohazards.

>>What to do next…

If you are a scientist wishing to submit a research proposal of relevance to one of the aforementioned topics, please contact:

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