IGCP Project proposal call for 2020

>>Earth Resources: Sustaining our Society

The call for proposals under the Earth Resources Theme will support innovative research and capability building projects in the areas of mineral resources and Geoenergy. The call will provide seed funding to projects addressing:

  • environmentally responsible and innovative methods of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and their recycling
  • sustainable approaches for the exploration and extraction of energy derived from the earth such as fossil fuels, coal, peat and geothermal energy
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Geological Sequestration of CO²

>>Geohazards: Risk and Mitigation Assessment for Sustainable Development

The Geohazards Theme will support research projects focusing on measuring, analysing, modeling, forecasting, prediction or mitigation of natural hazards (volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, landslides, hurricanes, meteoric impacts, etc.) and triggered by recent human interactions (e.g. earthquakes derived from O&G industry, mining-related landslides, dam-made floods.). In this call we welcome proposals with particular emphasis in:

  • Geohazards nearby metropolitan areas
  • Geohazards disaster risk reduction related to human activities

>>Geodynamic: Control our Environment

The call for proposals under the Geodynamic Theme will prioritize projects using inter alia (geochemical, petrological, mathematical and geophysical) techniques to study deep Earth processes (ranging from changes in the Earth's magnetic field to plate tectonics) which are also relevant to natural resource exploration, distribution and management of groundwater resources and the study and mitigation of natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes. IGCP 2020 project proposal call will provide seed funding to project proposals that focus on the research and capacity building for the application of multidisciplinary geosciences techniques to study Earth processes with outcomes addressing global scientific, environmental, economic and societal challenges (such as responsible use of natural resources, geoheritage, geohazards and climate change mitigation) in developing countries.

>>Hydrogeology: Geoscience of the Water Cycle

The call for project proposals under the Hydrogeology Theme will support innovative research and capacity building projects in the areas of water resources and services that are essential to achieving global sustainability. The call will provide seed funding to projects addressing: Ÿ

  • Water provision issues associated with climate change: water availability, quality and health, which are emerging critical issues for the future sustainability of our society 
  • Small islands developing states (SIDS) and Africa, being UNESCO priority regions, are especially vulnerable with respect to contamination and (sufficient) water supply, hence proposals addressing these regions will be given priority

>>Global Change: Evidence from the Geological Record

The call for projects under the Global Change Theme will support innovative research and capacity building projects in the areas of understanding earth’s past climate as well as environment and ecosystem changes to learn important lessons about present-day environmental challenges and ways to mitigate and manage future environmental damage. This call will also welcome proposals with a special emphasis on: Ÿ

  • Knowledge enhancement of the Earth’s paleoclimate, paleoenvironment and paleontology, improving our ability to predict future climate and environment changes, and to provide scientific data for sustainable development strategies 
  • Gathering global scale geological evidence for the Anthropocene, such as geopolitical processes and human-driven species invasions on the Anthropocene environmental changes, and establishing a forum for academic exchanges of the Anthropocene Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) studies.

>>IGCP 2020 Annually Defined Topic: Geoheritage for Sustainable Development

UNESCO’s mandate acknowledges the research on geological heritage as an important instrument for the holistic approach to sustainable development of UNESCO Member States. The call for proposals under the Geoheritage for Sustainable Development Special Topic will support projects focusing on the protection of geological formations which are essential to (1) keeping the memory of the evolution of the earth; (2) learning from evolving processes to solve emerging problems and (3) the success of a future sustainable development of local communities, in particular in terms of resource management, renewable energies, energy efficiency, farming, land use and peatland management. The call for Geoheritage for Sustainable Development will provide seed funding to projects applying best practices and to projects contributing to the strengthening and empowering of local communities to ensure that the geological importance of an area can be preserved and promoted for science, education and culture.

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