27.05.2010 -

Let's take care of the planet

Brasilia, 5 - 10th June 2010


UNESCO and the Brazilian Ministry of Education launch “Let's Take Care of the Planet” special account

The money raised will finance the travel of delegations from countries that lack resources to the Children and Youth International Conference – Let's Take Care of the Planet in Brasilia 2010.

The Brazilian government's Ministry of Education invited all countries to participate in the Children and Youth International Conference – Let's Take Care of the Planet. The conference will take place between 5th and 10th June 2010 in Brasilia, uniting children and youth between the ages of 12 and 15 in discussions about global socio-environmental problems with a special focus on climate change.

The International Conference emerged from the experiences of three National Conference – Let's Take Care of Brazil, which involved 13 million people in 20,000 schools across the country between 2003 and 2009.

The principal objectives of the conference are to enable children and youth from the whole world to take on global commitments locally, assuming responsibilities for the construction of sustainable societies and promoting a network of planetary protection.

Close to 600 children and youth participants will collectively construct the final product of the conference – the Charter of Responsibilities “Let's Take Care of the Planet” through a combination of fun activities, practical workshops and inter-cultural and intergenerational discussions. The Charter will outline the collective responsibilities and actions to be assumed and implemented globally.

The International Conference is a far-reaching environmental education action, since the stages leading up to the conference take place at both school and national levels in all participating countries. The national processes mobilize students, teachers and local communities, and insert the environmental subject into the formal education systems.

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