Gaggo Leche, the first milk chocolate to blend raw materials from two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: Entlebuch and Gran Pajatén

Launch of Gaggo Leche with producers of the Gran Pajaten Biosphere Reserve (Peru) and of the Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve (Switzerland) ©Choba Choba

The Swiss start-up Choba Choba, renowned for its dark chocolate which is produced in the Alto Huayambamba valley in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, has now created its first milk chocolate, Gaggo Leche. The three ingredients used to make dark chocolate – trinitario cocoa from Peru’s Gran Pajaten Biosphere Reserve, unrefined sugar cane and cocoa butter – have been blended with milk provided by 200 dairy producers in the Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve in Switzerland. The name Gaggo Leche has been chosen to represent the unique relationship between the two UNESCO biosphere reserves: Gaggo means cocoa in Swiss German and Leche means milk in Spanish.

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