Synergies between Multidesignations in Biosphere Reserves

From 14:30 to 16:00, Wednesday 15 March 2016, Lima, Peru

Hiroyuki Matsuda (Japan)

William Dunbar

Organization/Institution in Charge
Yokohama National University


There are not a few Biosphere Reserves that are multiply designated with other internationally designated areas: World Heritage Sites, Ramsar Sites, UNESCO Global Geoparks, and Global Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS). All the programmes/conventions have similar goals related to conservation and sustainable development, however, these frameworks sometimes compete with each other for funding, authority, and human resources because of the lack of communication and coordination among them. Having in mind that IUCN is preparing a guidance publication called "Multiple Internationally Designated Areas - Guidance for harmonizing the integrated management of overlapping Ramsar Sites, World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves and Global Geoparks" at IUCN World Conservation Congress in 2016, this session will discuss the possible solution for the synergy of these international frameworks from BR perspective. In the session, it is planned to have eight speakers from each international, national and site level.



  • Outcome of the side-event on Synergies between Multidesignations in Biosphere Reserves
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