Islands & Coastal Zones workshop

From 15:00 to 18:00, Tuesday 15 March 2016, Lima, Peru

Jeong Dai-Yeun (Republic of Korea)

Antonio D. Abreu (Portugal)

MAB Secretariat
Miguel Clüsener-Godt
E-mail: m.clusener-godt(at) i.rodriguez-galindo(at)


Islands and Coastal Biosphere Reserves are sensitive sites due to their high level of biodiversity endemicity, rare, small and fragile ecosystems and vulnerability to natural and human induced hazards and impacts. Climate change, forest, mountain, coastal, marine and estuarine ecosystems are priority topics for Island and Coastal BR's that should be addressed in close connection with socio-economic activities such as tourism, farming and natural resources management.

The workshop aims to bring together the existing members of the Global Network of Island and Coastal BR's, new members and any other interested parties in order to share and learn from past and ongoing experiences and to explore future cooperation among island and coastal BR's and ways to jointly address the new priorities of the MAB Strategy Programme (2016-2025).



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