Scientific Networking workshop

From 09:00 to 12:30, Wednesday 15 March 2016, Lima, Peru

Miren Onaindia (Spain) and Martin Price (UK)

Lisen Schultz (Sweden)

MAB Secretariat
Alberto Hernandez-Salinas
E-mail: a.hernandez-salinas(at) p.dogse(at)


Many scientists work within biosphere reserves and some scientists conduct comparative research across multiple biosphere reserves. Often, these scientists work with those responsible for coordinating/managing the biosphere reserves, as well as various stakeholder groups involved with BRs in various ways. MAB's existing regional and thematic networks mainly include coordinators and managers. A collaborative network bringing together scientists working in and with BRs does not exist. Its objective would be not only to demonstrate that scientists are part of the MAB Programme but also to identify how their presence can be more relevant in and for the programme. The purpose of this workshop will be to discuss the benefits and modalities of such a network.



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