Urban Areas workshop

From 15:00 to 18:00, Tuesday 15 March 2016, Lima, Peru

Prof. Sergio Guevara (Mexico)


Anne-Caroline Prévot (France)

MAB Secretariat
Meriem Bouamrane and Hans Thulstrup
E-mail: m.bouamrane(at)unesco.org and h.thulstrup(at)unesco.org i.rodriguez-galindo(at)unesco.org


Cities are becoming increasingly large, they are profusely distributed across the land, and they concentrate the greatest proportion of the world's human population. Consequently, they demand ever more resources and services. Their sprawling urban perimeter is permeable to the biodiversity of rural and natural areas, both near and far. The growing urban infrastructure constantly modifies the habitat conditions to which species adapt, forming new biotic communities and even emergent ecosystems.



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