Mono Biosphere Reserve (Benin / Togo)

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Mono biosphere reserve (Benin/Togo)

Located in the south-west of Benin and Togo, this site covers an area of 346,285 ha. Stretching across the alluvial plain and the delta and riverbank areas of the Mono River, it boasts a mosaic of landscapes and ecosystems consisting mainly of mangroves, savanna, lagoons, floodplains and forests, including sacred forests. The area covered by the reserve is home to nearly 2 million people and the main activities are small-scale agriculture (oil palm and coconut palms), pasture, forestry and fishing.

Designation Date: 2017
Administrative Authorities: Centre National de Gestion des Réserves de Faune (CENAGREF) in Benin; Direction des Ressources Forestières (DRF) in Togo
Surface area: 346,286 ha
Core area(s): 14,496 ha
Buffer zone(s): 43,378 ha
Transition area(s): 288,412 ha

  6°8'53"N - 7°3'42"N
Longitude:   1°17'38"E - 1°59'26"E
Midpoint:  6°34'29.6 N - 1°37'29.8 E


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Last updated in June 2017

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