Ethiopia: MAB National Committee

Official Correspondance address

Mr Yoseph Girma
Ethiopian Science and Technology Agency
P.O. Box 2490
Addis Ababa
Tel: (251.11) 551 13 44
Fax: (251.11) 551 88 29
        (251.11) 552 44 00


Mr Jembere Kidanemariam
Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission
P.O. Box 2490
Addis Ababa
Tel: (251.1) 15 55 04
Fax: (251.1) 51 88 29

Mr Anagie Ababu
Environmental Protection Authority
Addis Ababa

Prof Bekele Afework
Addis Ababa University
Department of Biology
Addis Ababa

Ms Kebede Aselefech
National Metrological Services Agency
Addis Ababa

Mr. Tesfaye Awas
Institute of Biodiversity Conservation and Research (IBCR)
Addis Ababa

Prof Tegene Belay
Addis Ababa University
Department of Geography
Addis Ababa

Dr Mohammed Ahmed Hagos
Ministry of Water Resources
Addis Ababa

Mr Alebachew Haile
Ministry of Industry

Mr Abune Leykun
Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Organization
Addis Ababa

Mr Workneh Mengesha
Lem Ethiopia
Addis Ababa

Ms Ayele Yeromnesh
Ministry of Education
Addis Ababa

Mr Tiruneh Yilma
Ministry of Culture & Information
Addis Ababa

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