It is characterized by a unique combination of brackish/estuarine, freshwater and marine ecosystems with mangroves, islands and small patches of community protected forests.

Declaration Date: 2011
Location: Latitudes 06°00’   25’’ N, 00°19’E and 05° 45’ 30 ’’ N, 00°41’ 40’’E
Surface Area: 51,113.3 ha
Core area(s): 1699.08 ha
Buffer zone(s): 7822.03
Transition area(s): 28075.041ha
Administrative authorities: WILDLIFE DIVISION

Ecological Characteristics

© Daniel S. Amlalo/ Environmental Protection Agency
Vegetation in the Luhue creek (Songor) Ghana

It consists of a shallow brackish water lagoon (10-50cm) with mudflats, The lower Volta River and its estuary and islands, a broad sandy beach southwards, flood plains with degraded mangroves and coastal savannah vegetation.

The lagoon is low-lying. The maximum depth below mean sea level is 50 cm. There is a narrow sand dune along the coast with no cliffs on the smooth coastline.

It has a total population of 42, 150 with 150 in the core area (0.3%), 11,500 in the buffer zone (27.3%) and 30,500 in the transition zone (72.4%). The units currently used to facilitate easy management are the lagoonal area, islands, marine area and estuary.

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