Littoral de Toliara

This site straddles the Tropic of Capricorn, covering some 200,000 ha along the south west coast of Madagascar, and takes its name from the town of Toliara.

Declaration Date: 2003
Surface Area: 200,470 ha
Administrative Division : Atsimo andrefana

Ecological Characteristics

Forest habitats of dry, thorny forests with baobabs and Didiereaceae on red sand; thorny bush with Euphorbiaceae on limestone substrata, thorny dune bush, with white dunesand sands, riparian forests.

Degraded vegetation areas; savannahs, steppes.

Humid zones, lake systems, mangroves, phanerogamae grasslands.

Caves, underground rivers and springs (7 lakes region, caves around Sarodrano, coastal part of APMC Natural and semi-natural salt swamps: on sand and saltalluvium behind the chains of dunes ( Belalanda, Ankilibe) Reefs, islands (Nosy Ve, Nosy Satrana)

Continental shelf and marine canyon: Large reefs and St Augustin’s canyon.

Human Activities

  • Fishing activities: (fish, lobster, prawns...)
  • Farming activities: Corn…
  • Tourist activities
  • Mining activities

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