Mananara Nord

The Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve is located on the north-east coast of the island and covers an area of 140,000 hectares.

Madagascar has an extremely rich biodiversity with more than 85 percent of its species being endemic.

Declaration Date : 1990
Surface Area : 140,000 ha
Administrative Division : District of Mananara; 7 communes involved: Antanambe, Imorona, Mananara, Antanananivo, Sandrakatsy, Ambatoharanana, Antanambaobe

Ecological Characteristics

Marine ecosystem:

  • Marine meadows: 32 species of algae
  • Reef: 132 species of corals, 64 species of shellfish, 16species of anthropoids, 34 species of Echinoderms, 179 species of fish, 2 species of turtles, 2 species of mammals

Coastal ecosystem:

  • Mangrove: 7 species of mangroves
  • Forest isle: (riperian forest) 98 species of plants Terrestrial ecosystem
  • Dense, low altitude humid forest: 3 endemic palm species Dypsis antanamensis, Dypsis ramentacea, Dypsis anovensis
  • 12 species of lemurs
  • 1200 species of plants

Human Activities

  • Traditional fisheries (coral lagoons; destruction of coral by removal or trampling)
  • Felling of mangroves
  • Roving agriculture, slash and burn cultural practices: felling and burning of understory « tavy ».

Protection Classification

National Terrestrial, Marine and Coastal Park.

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