Gadabedji biosphere reserve

The site, which is located in the center of the country, covers an area of 1,413,625 ha. It comprises a mosaic of savannas, depressions, pits and sand dunes. The fauna is diverse and includes large mammals such as the dorcas gazelle, the pale fox or the golden jackal. The population of the reserve belongs to two main ethnic groups - the Tuaregs and the Peuls - with nearly 20,500 inhabitants; the main activity is pastoralism with a nomadic lifestyle.

Designation Date: 2017
Administrative Authorities:
Surface area: 1,413,625 ha
Core area(s): 69,023 ha
Buffer area(s): 163,945 ha
Transition area(s): 1,180,657 ha

Midpoint:  15°07'51"N - 07°10'44"E


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Last updated in June 2017

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