Mount Paekdu

Mount Paekdu Biosphere Reserve is situated at the border to the People’s Republic of China and shares the volcano mountain and mountain forest ecosystem with Changbaishan Biosphere Reserve in China.

Declaration Date: July 1989
Surface Area: 132,000 ha
Administrative Division: Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province

Human Activities

Visiting and tourism


Ecological Characteristics

Mt. Paekdu lava plateau has been formed by first volcanic eruption and the Mt. Paekdu and Mt. Potae were made on it by the second eruption. Larch forest ecosystem dominated with Larix olgensis var. Koreana has been developed on the thick layers of pumice by first eruption from the volcanic forest ecosystem dominated with Picea-Abies species and has been developed on the main volcanic area formed by the second ruption. It has rich plant species variation including 830 species of higher plant, 274 Bryophyta, 190 Lichenes and 370 Fungus. It has rich animal species variation including 243 species, 155 genuses, 72 families.

Protection Classifications

In April 1946, it was designated as Mt. Paekdu Plant Reserve. In March 1958, it became the Mt. Paekdu Nature Reserve. In 1976, 14,000 ha in the central part of Mt. Paekdu area were designated as nature reserve. In 1985, it was designated 15,880 ha in battle site district as Mt. Paekdu Special Reserve.

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