Iran: MAB National Committee

Official Correspondance address

Dr. Mahin Gazani
Secretary, Iranian National Committee for MAB
Director Science Dept., Iranian National Commission for UNESCO
No. 17, 1st Alley - Shahid Hesari St., Mirdamad Blvd.
548946111 Tehran

Tel: (98.21) 225 9726
       (98-21) 2227825
Fax: (98.21) 225 2536
E-mail: science(at)


Sahar Ahmadizadeh (Ms) (Eng.)
Head, Science Department
Secretary, Iranian National Committee for MaB
Iranian National Commission for UNESCO
E-mail: science(at) 


Ahmad Kaykha (PhD)
Chair, Iranian National Committee for MaB
Deputy Head for Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Department of Environment
Email: Kehkha(at)

Farhang Ghasriyani (PhD)
Director General of the Bureau for Habitats and Protected Areas
Department of Environment
Email: fghasriani1330(at) 

Dr Hamid Reza Tashauoei (PhD)
Vice Minister for WasterWater Use and Productivity
Ministry of Energy
Emails: h.ww22000(at) / tashauoei(at)  

Mohammad Reza Ghaderi (Eng.)
Director General for Safety at Sea and Protection
Ports and Maritime Organization
Emails: Ghaderi.vahid(at) / m_rasouli(at) / rasouli.maryam(at) 

Gholamreza Nabi Bidhendi (PhD)
Rector, Faculty of  Environment
University of Tehran
Email: ghhendi(at)

Abbas Ranjbar (PhD)
Head of the National Drought Mitigation Centre
Meteorological Organization
E-mail: aranjbar(at)

Mojtaba Palooj (PhD)
Head of the Rural Development Group, Research Centre for Planning, Agriculture Economy and Rural Development
Ministry of Jihad-e Agriculture
E-mail: Mpalouj1404(at)

Shahin Mohammadnejad (PhD)
Director General, Bureau for Environmental Affairs, Health and Safety
Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade
E-mail: mohammadnejads(at) 

Javad Mo’meni
Attaché, Head Office for Economic and International Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
E-mail: Momenijavad(at)

Mohsen Mazloom Farsibaf (PhD)
Director General for Energy Planning, Deputy Directorate for Planning and Monitoring of Hydrocarbon Resources
Ministry of Petroleum

Ebadollah Mahmoudi Taleghani (PhD)
Member to the High Council for Forests
Forest, Rangeland and Watershed Management Organization
E-mail: em_taleghani(at)

Hossein Ganjidoost (PhD)
Tarbiyat Modarres University
E-mail: h-ganji(at) / ganjidoust264(at) 

Aref Aghvami Moghaddam (Eng.)

Head, Architecture and National and Regional Urbanization Plans Group
Ministry of Roads and Transportation
E-mail: arefaghvamim(at) 

Majid Makhdoum (PhD)
Head, Board of Managers
The Iranian Association for Environmental Assessment (IAEA)
E-mail: mmakhdom(at) 

Morteza Tashakori (PhD)
Director General, Bureau for Promoting Skills Training
University of Applied Science and Technology

Taghi Shamekhi (PhD)
Faculty of Natural Resources of the University of Tehran
E-mail: tshamekhi(at) 

Nasrin Moazami (PhD)
Iranian Research Organisation for Science and Technology
E-mail: nasrin_moazami(at) / moazami(at) 

Ali Allahyar Torkaman
Deputy Head for Education and Cultural Affairs
Presidential Office for Planning and Strategic Supervision
E-mail: Ali_a_77(at)

Mohammad Reza Rahimzadeh (PhD)
Head, Higher Education Centre
Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation
E-mail: Mrz.rahimzadeh(at)

Abbas Rajaei (Eng.)
Head, Commission for Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources
Islamic Parliament of Iran
E-mail: barajaei(at)

Sahar Ahmadizadeh (Ms) (Eng.)
Head, Science Department
Secretary, Iranian National Committee for MaB
Iranian National Commission for UNESCO
E-mail: science(at) 

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