Minakami biosphere reserve

© Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture
Ichinokura-sawa, one of the Three Great Rock faces of Japan

The site includes the central divide of the island Honshu formed by 2,000 meters high mountainous backbone including the Tanigawa mountain range. Significant differences in the environment between the eastern and western slopes as well as between the mountainous and the lowland areas create a distinct biological and cultural diversity. More than 21,000 inhabitants live on this reserve with a total area of 91,368 ha. The main activities are agriculture and tourism.


Designation Date: 2017
Administrative Authorities: Ministry of the Environment, Forestry Agency, Gunma Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Minakami Town
Total Surface area: 91,368 ha
Core area(s): 9,123 ha
Buffer zone(s): 60,421 ha
Transition area(s): 21,824 ha

36°38'40"N - 37°04'56"N
Longitude: 138°46'55"E - 139°11'53"E
Midpoint: 36°50'58"N - 139°00'10"E

Ecological Characteristics

©UNESCO/Minakami Town
Mountain hawk eagle (Nisaetus nipalensis)



Socio-Economic Characteristics

©UNESCO/Minakami Town
Kagura traditional arts

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Last updated in June 2017

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