Sobo, Katamuki and Okue biosphere reserve

This site, which is part of the Sobo-Katamuki-Okue mountain range, is characterized by steep mountains. The forests cover 85% of the area of this 243,672 ha site. The use of forest resources (wood production, shiitake mushroom cultivation, coal production ...) has remained sustainable. Due to the high forest biodiv ersity, research on fauna and flora in the Mountain Range has been conducted for quite a long time and the area has become an important base of biodiversity in the region.

Designation Date: 2017
Administrative Authorities:
Surface area: 243,672 ha
Core area(s): 1,580 ha
Buffer area(s): 17,748 ha
Transition area(s): 224,344 ha

Midpoint:  32°49'52"N - 131°32'20"E


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Last updated in June 2017

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