Indawgyi Biosphere Reserve

Indawgyi Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Myanmar. With a total surface area of 133,715 ha, the site consists of a large open lake area, floating vegetation areas, swamp forest and seasonally flooded grasslands. The hills surrounding the lake are covered by subtropical moist broadleaf forests that harbour a number of threatened forest birds and mammals, including primates. The local population derives most of its income from farmlands bordering the lake.

Designation Date: 2017
Administrative Authorities:
Total surface area:  133,715 ha
Core area(s): 45,170 ha
Buffer zone(s): 27,578 ha
Transition area(s): 60,967 ha

Midpoint: 25°10'40"N - 96°21'55"E


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Last updated in June 2017

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