Red River Delta

The Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve lies in northern Viet Nam, at the coastal-sea interface. It contains one of the main remaining large tracts of mangrove forest in Viet Nam, with some 30 species of mangrove.


Declaration Date: 2004
Surface Area: 726,798 ha
Administrative Division: Thai Binh, Nam Dinh and NinhBinh Provinces

Human Activities

  • A model of comanagementof the biospherereserve by 4 provinceswith agreed managementplan and eco-tourism development
  • Community based tourism,bird watching and handicraftproduction are encouraging
  • Shellfish culture, multi-aquaculture pond and eco-shrimppond are practicing for sustainable production
  • Environmental education and public awareness improvement

Ecological Characteristics

This site composes of various habitats including mangroves, wetlands, salt mash, estuaries and beaches with high biodiversity.

There are over 50 mangroves species and sea grasses with important ecological services of protecting sea dikes from storm surges and typhoons.

The wetlands are of global importance for breeding/stop-over during migration of birds, especially Black-face spoon bill, Anatidae Rallidae and Order Charidriformes, using the East-Asian or the Australian flyway route for migration listed as threatened by IUCN and/or Birdlife International. Charidriformes are known to be most threatened. 78 species of water birds have been recorded from the Red River Delta including 38 species of shorebirds.

Two major roosting areas exist on offshore islands at Xuan Thuy and Nghia Hung Districts. During 1994 it was estimated that 120,000 shore birds used the coastal area of the Red River Delta during migration.

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