This biosphere reserve is situated in the western part of the Middle Bohemian range about 16 km west of Prague. It represents a wide variety of broad-leafed and mixed coniferous forest ecosystems, grasslands, pastures, valley meadows, and agricultural land. The core area is used as a hunting area, whereas in the buffer zone and transition area logging, timber processing, charcoal production, manufacturing, light industry and stone extraction as well as tourism take place.


Declaration Date: 1977
Surface Area: 628 km2
Administrative Division: Central Bohemia

Human Activities:

  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Quarrying of the spilites and rhyolites
  • Tourism, recreation, scientific research

Ecological Characteristics:

Biome: Temperate broad-leaf forests
Elevation: 223 - 616 meters above sea level
Climate: moderately warm and moderately dry region, mean annual temperature/precipitation 8,0°C/530 mm

Krivoklatsko is a predeminanthy forested region of the Middle-European highlands, 62% of the total area consists of broad-leaved and mixed coniferous forests, and contains a high species diversity (about 1800 vascular plant species alone and 84 native species of trees and shrubs, etc.).

There are several reasons for this high biodiversity. The major feature of the landscape is the Berounka river valley, which creates a network of deeply cut canyons, narrow floodplains, terraces, steep slopes and cliffs. These land forms provide a great variety of habitats for plant and animal life, as well as characterizing the valley phenomenon.

The remarkable geological diversity and related differentiation of both the parent rocks and soils also add to the microclimatic factors and eventually to the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Another influencing factor is the historical presence of human settlements in the area and of the associated impacts. The fact that the area constituted hunting grounds for royalty helped to limit the extent of deforestation and human interference. Now the area is a combination of small villages, agricultural land, silvicultural plots and forests.

Protection Classification:

At the national level:

  • Krivoklatsko Protected Landscape Area
  • 24 nature reserves and monuments
  • Natura 2000 – SPA (EU Bird Directive)
  • Natura 2000 – 10 SCI (EU Habitat Directive)
  • IBA (B2, B3 – Bird Life International)

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