Research and monitoring

Regularly monitored are standard climatic variables, water resources (flows, levels, and quality in streams, springs, and wells), state of rangelands and their use, of soil quality in cultivated lands, of biodiversity assets including reintroduced animal species, and of plant and animal communities in afforested areas.

Implementing the methodology developed by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment for assessing the ecosystems, their biodiversity and the flow of services is underway, enabling setting baseline for monitoring and detecting knowledge gaps, to be filled in by research commissioned to the Carmel Research Center of the University of Haifa.

Major habitats & land cover types

Grassland "batha" (regional), Shrubland "batha" (regional), afforested woodlands (regional), rangelands and cultivated ecosystems (regional).

Major Ecosystem Type

  • Scrubland and grassland "batha"
  • Afforested woodlands

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