Kizlyar Bay Biosphere Reserve

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Kuma river

Kizlyar Bay is one of the largest bays in the Caspian Sea and is also one of the largest migratory routes for birds in Eurasia. It represents a diversity of marine, coastal and desert-steppe ecosystems, including populations of threatened animals, such as the Caspian seal, many species of birds and sturgeons. With a surface area of 354,100 ha, it has a permanent population of 1,600 inhabitants who depend on fishing, land use (grazing and haymaking), hunting and tourism.

Designation date: 2017
Administrative authorities: State Nature Reserve "Daghestansky"
Surface area (terrestrial and marine): 354,100 ha
Core area(s): 18,485 ha (marine)
Buffer zone(s): 19,890 ha (of which 3,990 ha marine area)
Transition area(s): 315,725 ha (of which 95,725 marine area)

44°36’17"N - 46°50’04"E

Ecological Characteristics

©UNESCO/Kizlyar Bay Biosphere Reserve
demoiselle crane (Grus virgo)



Socio-Economic Characteristics

©UNESCO/Kizlyar Bay Biosphere Reserve
Bird monitoring

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