Las Dehesas de Sierra Morena

The Dehesas de Sierra Morena embraces the Aracena and Picos de Aroche Nature Park in Huelva, the Sierra Norte in Seville, and the Sierra de Hornachuelos in Córdoba.


Declaration Date:  2002
Surface Area: 424,400 ha (core: 8 per cent; buffer: 77 percent; transition: 15 per cent)
Administrative Division: 43 Municipalities have theirterritory in the Biosphere Reserve  

Human Activities

Traditional agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry activities, inseparable from the Dehesa (savannah-like grasslands scattered with oak trees) system are fully maintained, supporting agrarian transformation industries and increasing agro-tourism.

Ecological Characteristics

The declaration of this vast territory as a Biosphere Reserve implies international recognition of the Dehesa, a traditional and truly Iberian landscape, consisting of savannah-like grasslands with the shade of ancient trees: HolmOak, Portuguese Oak, Pyrenean Oak and Cork Oak, effectively reducing the effects of the Mediterranean sun while optimizing the production of a corns for the livestock.

Thus the Dehesa is a unique model of sustainable development and an example of popular wisdom, which over the centuries has given access to multiple natural resource uses, combining in a harmonious and balanced way agricultural uses with livestock raising, hunting and forestry.

The Biosphere Reserve also has areas that have been scantly modified comprising Chestnut forests, Mediterranean forests and Gallery forests bordering the numerous river courses.

These different landscapes harbour very high biodiversity with some of the most emblematic species of Mediterranean ecosystems, such and the Iberian Lynx, the Spanish Imperial Eagle, or the Eurasian Black Vulture.

Protection Classification

  • Natural Park (3)
  • Specially Protected Bird Area (SPBA)
  • Natural Monument (3)

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