Askaniya-Nova Biosphere Reserve is a representative of the Black Sea southern-steppe biogeographic province, situated 60 km south-east of the town of Kakhova close to the Black Sea. Within this area, the Festuca and Stipa steppe ecosystem has been conserved like an island in the Dniper-Molochnoe lowland, which has otherwise intensive land use practices.


Declaration Date: 1985
Surface Area: 112,988,8 ha
Administrative Division: Kherson region, Chaplynka district  

Human Activities

  • Conservation of the natural steppe ecosystems, wild animalsof Askania Nova Zoo and plants of DendrologicalPark;
  • Scientific researches and long term monitoring for naturalenvironment;
  • Environmental education.  

Ecological Characteristics

The Biosphere Reserve “Askania Nova” is the sole natural protected scientific institution in Ukraine which core areais situated within the near-Syvash-Azov lowland of near-Black and Azov Sea region of dry steppe province of the Steppe Zone.

The reserve provides conservation of largest plot of feather grass steppe of relic flora-fanistic complex in Europe. Askanian steppe is one of the oldest reserves ofthe Earth. Reserve “Askania Nova” consists of the virgin steppe, the State Dendrological Park “Askania Nova” andthe Zoological Park “Askania Nova”. 75 species of birdsand 41 species of mammals in the Askania Nova zoo collection.

The autochthonous flora of the virgin steppe is represented by 505 flowering species of plants. A fairly large portion is consisted of rare, endemic and threatening species – 85 flowering species and 8 lichens. 3 fungi, 4 lichen and 13 flowering species are listed in the Red DataBook of Ukraine.

Fauna of core area is presented by 1154 species. Among them 219 species are the invertebrates and chordata, which include 2 species of amphibians, 5 reptilespecies, 21 species of mammals, 269 bird species. 60 animal species are listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine;there are 9 insects, 3 are reptiles, 44 bird species and 4 species of mammals.

Protection Classification

The area was declared as a Biosphere reserve “AskaniaNova” in 1983.

The Reserve is listed in World Network of the Biosphere Reserves since 1984.

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