26th Session of the International Co-ordinating Council of the MAB Programme

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Aerial photo over the small village Fingalstorp

The 26th Session of the International Co-ordinating Council (ICC) of the Man and Biosphere Programme took place from 10 to 13 June 2014 in Jönköping, East Vättern Landscape Biosphere Reserve, Sweden.


  • SC-14/CONF.226/1
    Provisional Agenda
  • SC-14/CONF.226/2
    Provisional Annotated Agenda
  • SC-14/CONF.226/3/REV
    Provisional Timetable
  • SC-14/CONF.226/4
    Report by the Secretary of the MAB Programme
  • SC-14/CONF.226/5
    Reports on Actions Undertaken by Member States / Regional and Thematic MAB Networks in the Context of MAB and Discussion on Collaborative Thematic and Research Projects
  • SC-14/CONF.226/6
    Evaluation of the Madrid Action Plan
  • SC-14/CONF.226/7/REV
    MAB and World Network of Biosphere Reserve - post Rio+20 opportunities and towards a strategy for 2014-2021
  • SC-14/CONF.226/8/REV
    Proposals for New Biosphere Reserves and Extensions/Modifications to Biosphere Reserves that are Part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR).*
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The following document contains the results of the deliberations of the International Advisory Committee for Biosphere Reserves. Please note that these are only recommendations. They will be examined by the International Co-ordinating Council of the Man and Biosphere Programme on its 26th session. The final decisions of the Council will be announced as soon as they are taken
  • SC-14/CONF.226/9
    Update on the Exit Strategy
  • SC-14/CONF.226/10
    Periodic review of biosphere reserves and follow-up of recommendations
  • SC-14/CONF.226/11
    UNESCO MAB policy on open access to MAB and Biosphere Reserve documentation
  • SC-14/CONF.226/12
    Michel Batisse Award for Biosphere Reserve Management
  • SC-14/CONF.226/13
    MAB Young Scientists Award
  • SC-14/CONF.226/14
    Information on Seaflower Biosphere Reserve case
  • SC-14/CONF.226/15
    Final Report of the 26th Session of the MAB International Co-ordinating Council (ICC)

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