2010 Winners: Projects and final reports

The Council endorsed the ten winners of the 2010 MAB Young Scientists Award as selected by the MAB Bureau.

Argentina - Ms María José LOPEZ

Project title: The population environmental attitudes toward the conservation of the "Parque Atlántico Mar Chiquito" Biosphere Reserve.

Benin - Mr. G. Fifanou VODOUHE

Project title: Relations entre les activités touristiques et la conservation de la biodiversité au sein des aires protégées: Cas de la Réserve de Biosphère de la Pendjara au Bénin.

China - Mr Hai Qian Li

Project title: Sustainable economic development model based on stakeholders collaboration: Comparative study between the Heilongjiang Xingkai Lake Biosphere Reserve and Beijing Miyun water source reserve.

Egypt - Ms Fiby ADIB

Project title: Comparative economic valuation of the two Ramsar sites in Egypt (wetland) and Omayed Biosphere Reserve

France (Argentina) - Ms Amelie Sarah Caroline LE STER

Project title: Gestion participative intercommunale et bi-provençale d’une réserve de biosphère, première expérimentation en Argentine : Le cas de la Réserve de Biosphère de Yungas.

Ghana - Mr Alex ASASE

Project title: Impact of land use change on plant diversity and carbon storage in Bia Biosphere Reserve.

Indonesia (Malaysia) - Mr Ari KURNIA

Project title: Tasik Chini Biosphere Reserve in regional sustainable development : Contribution of Tasik Chini Biosphere Reserve in developing local community economy.

Kenya - Mr Joachim MAKORI

Project title: Impacts of climate change on biosphere reserves. A case study of Malindi-Watamu Biosphere Reserve

Morocco - Ms Salama EL FATEHI

Project title: Evaluation des ressources génétiques d’une légumineuse en raréfaction dans la réserve de biosphère transfrontalière Maroc-Andalousie: la vesce Vicia ervilia.

South Africa - Mr Llewellyn FOXCROFT

Project title: Non-native species as a driver of global change : unraveling the dynamics and risks of plant invesions using molecular techniques.

The Council also endorsed the selection by the MAB Bureau of the two winners of the special MAB Young Scientists Awards supported by MAB National Committee of Austria. The two winners are:

Kenya - Ms Philista MALAKI

For the study on ” Socio-economic analysis of utilization and conservation trade-offs for mangrove dominated wetlands in Malindi-Watamu Biosphere”.

Indonesia - Ms Sri ASTUTIK

For the study on Carbon stock linkage to plant diversity on Mount Gede Pangrango National Park as the core zone of Cibodas Biosphere Reserve (A case study of ecosystem services).

The Council expressed its gratitude to the Austrian MAB Committee for their generous support to the MAB YSA scheme and invited the other countries to follow Austria's example. The Austrian Delegate warmly congratulated the two winners and reiterated the interest of Austria in the promotion of the MAB Young Scientists Scheme as an important tool for capacity building in the context of the MAB Programme.

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