Michel Batisse Award for Biosphere Reserve Management

Vladimira Fabriciusova received the 2017 Michel Batisse award for her excellent work in the Polana Biosphere Reserve, Slovakia

This award is given at the time of the MAB Council in memory of Dr Michel Batisse for excellence in the management of the biosphere reserves in line with the recommendations of the Seville Strategy.

The 2017 Michel Batisse Award was given to Vladimira Fabriciusova (Slovakia), coordinator of the Polana Biosphere Reserve for her case study “Biosphere Reserve: an opportunity for humans and nature.”


The deadline for submission of application forms for the next Michel Batisse Award is the 30th September 2018.

Following the decision made by the MAB Council at its 29th session in June 2017, case studies must be submitted for every two MAB-ICC Council session due to be convened. Next Michel Batisse Award will be given when the MAB Council meets in 2019.

All case studies must be submitted through, and have the endorsement of, the respective MAB National Committees, and/or the UNESCO National Commissions of the country concerned. Only one case study by country is accepted.

  • Title of the scheme: Michel Batisse Award for Biosphere Reserve Management
  • Award amount: US$ 12,000 plus international travel and allowances in Paris, France, to present the award winning case study to the MAB-ICC session concerned.
  • Periodicity of awards: Every two sessions of the MAB-ICC
  • Responsibility for technical review of proposals received and recommending the award winner for consideration and approval by the MAB Bureau: International Advisory Committee for Biosphere Reserves
  • Language for submission of case studies: English and French
  • Process for submitting applications: Each country can submit one case study on biosphere reserve management, not exceeding a maximum of 30 pages (20 pages recommended) and appropriately illustrated with scientific data, figures and tables, photographs and other supporting documentation.

Application forms

Previous editions

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2015 Michel Batisse Award winner Bandi Namkhai

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2014 Michel Batisse Award winner Ana Luisa R. Figueroa

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Michel Batisse Award 2013

The 2016 Michel Batisse Award for a case study concerning the management of a biosphere reserve goes to Qu Shuguang (China), Director of the Wudalianchi Biosphere Reserve, for his study on the Wudalianchi ecomigration project to protect the environment and improve the population’s means of subsistence.

The 2015 Michel Batisse Award for a case study concerning the management of a biosphere reserve was attributed to Bandi Namkhai, Director of the Khustain Nuruu Biosphere Reserve in Mongolia, for his study of Khustain Nuruu.

The 2014 Michel Batisse Award was attributed to Ana Luisa R. Figueroa (Mexico), for her case study on "A group of fishermen and fishing families who became guardians of the San Pedro Martir Island, part of the Islas del Golfo de California Biosphere Reserve".

The Michel Batisse Award for Biosphere Reserve Management was attributed to Marisa Coetzee and Harry Biggs (South Africa) for their case study concerning the South African Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Reserve.


The Batisse Award was granted to Elizabeth Ines Taylor Jay (Colombia) for her case study on “Improving sustainable development and coral reef conservation through community-based watershed management in the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve.”


The Michel Batisse award goes to Fabio Kalesnik (Argentina) for “Training on environmental education, conservation and sustainable development and its innovatory initiatives with islanders in the Delta del Paraná Biosphere reserve.”

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